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About Us

Azimuth Capital Management is a North American private equity firm with 20+ years of experience investing in energy transition, infrastructure, E&P and technology. The firm is currently focused on enhancing sustainable energy assets with proven technology to create highly profitable, environmentally impactful businesses in the energy transition.

Azimuth has offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and Calgary, Alberta along with team presence in in Houston, Denver, Seattle, Vancouver, and New York. Our North American presence positions our experienced team of engineering and investment professionals to seek out and find the most compelling opportunities within an increasingly dynamic energy environment.

Azimuth has managed five funds, three of which are still active, totaling $5.8 billion of cumulative capital including our innovative co-investment program. Together, the funds and co-investment program are able to invest in mid-sized and larger energy opportunities while strengthening influence, governance and investor rights in our portfolio companies.

Our investments support growth-oriented, experienced management teams with track records of value creation in energy development. Disciplined alignment of the objectives of our management teams, ourselves and our limited partners, combined with engaged direction from Azimuth leadership, delivers strong performance.

Navigating Energy

Azimuth is a term in navigation defined as an angular measurement to align with an object or location. The world's early explorers used Polaris, the North Star, along with the azimuth as a reference to lead and navigate new opportunities. At Azimuth, successfully navigating energy is what we do.

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