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The Right Honourable Stephen J. Harper

Working Equity Partner

Stephen J. Harper, the second longest serving Conservative Canadian Prime Minister, is a Working Equity Partner with Azimuth. Mr. Harper provides strategic, globally relevant analysis and perspectives to Azimuth, its Limited Partners and portfolio companies. He applies his experience to assist with investment strategy and economic insights from the vantage of a G-7 leader, targeted relationship development by leveraging a global network of leaders, and board leadership mentoring by sharing executive management experiences accrued throughout his long career.

During his tenure as Canada's 22nd Prime Minister, Mr. Harper won three successive national elections and, for almost a decade, led Canada through the world's most complex geopolitical, security and economic challenges. Under his leadership, Canada emerged from the 2008 economic crisis faster and stronger than its peers. Among his many accomplishments in office, he brought federal taxes to their lowest level in 50 years, balanced the budget while making investments in health care and infrastructure, and expanded Canada's international trade network tenfold. 

Stephen J. Harper is currently Chairman and CEO of Harper & Associates Consulting, a firm that helps clients navigate global business risk. He also sits on the board of an Azimuth portfolio company.

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