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Current Focus

Technology Enhanced Sustainable Assets

For the past decade, Azimuth has strategically guided and developed sustainable energy investments that have yielded attractive returns and highly efficient carbon dioxide mitigation.

We have found that there are underappreciated, compelling opportunities in the energy transition space outside of the commonly addressed areas of solar and wind projects.


By applying the experience and expertise of our technical-focused team, we can successfully identify and capitalize large scale sustainable energy assets that can be enhanced with proven technology to achieve attractive returns and quantifiable carbon dioxide mitigation.


Low Carbon Fuels


Resources to Support


Low Carbon Electricity Production and Storage

Strategy Overview

Azimuth has invested four funds across 20+ years, focused on energy assets in energy transition, infrastructure, E&P and technology.

Our portfolio companies are generally private, early stage energy businesses that provide an opportunity for substantial growth in size and value. In addition to providing capital, Azimuth adds value to its investments through active board representation and mentoring of management teams.

From a geographic perspective, the majority of Azimuth’s investments are based in North America, with a more selective allocation to international opportunities.

Azimuth tends to be a lead and inception investor. Proactive, direct engagement with prospective management teams has lead to approximately 90 percent of our fund investments. Corporate governance is important – it must be aligned with capital at risk. Azimuth's partners are active, engaged directors of our portfolio companies. In addition, we encourage strong independent directors, which has been demonstrated to add value throughout the investment cycle.

Azimuth’s innovative co-investment program, developed at the inception of the firm, enables our limited partners to participate in substantial opportunities while providing capital to enhance the growth prospects of our portfolio companies.

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